Stream Realty’s Bill Moebius Moderates BOMA Sustainability Panel

By Stream Realty Partners

11:30 AM - 20 Nov 13

DALLAS- Stream Realty Partners, a national real estate services, development and investment firm, had BOMA Dallas select employee Bill Moebius to moderate its’ October event panel focused on sustainability.

Moebius serves as senior vice president and director of Energy and Sustainability for Stream Realty. In this role he is responsible for leading sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives across the firm’s entire managed portfolio of more than 95 million square feet in addition to work for certain outside clients.

Panel speakers included Brenna Walraven of USAA, Dave Pogue of CBRE and Al Skodowski of Transwestern. Below is a brief recap Q&A of the event’s discussion, led by Moebius.


Q. What new sustainability initiatives do you see as growing in importance over the next five to 10 years? 

A. Metering of more sources of energy use in buildings, disclosure of energy use data, water efficiency and use of and launching the new Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS).


Q. LEED has continued to push the envelope with the introduction of V.4.  With regard to existing buildings, many are concerned that LEED is fundamentally moving away from the market, rather than leading the bulk of existing building stock upwards. Where do you see LEED going, especially with regard to existing buildings? 

A. LEED is the gold standard, is well entrenched at this point in the U.S. and even internationally, and is likely to move from prescriptive to performance based.


Q. We have seen green rating systems in addition to LEED be introduced.  Green Globes has been around for some time, and now we have SERF.  Where do you see these other systems fitting in going forward?

A. LEED is likely to remain the dominant system near term, because it is easily the most recognized.


Q. BOMA 360 has been cited in some of the media alongside LEED, Energy Star and other systems. How do you see BOMA 360 fitting in with sustainability efforts?

A. BOMA 360 is different in that it addresses the overall building performance, in areas in addition to energy efficiency and sustainability.  It has helped provide another way for buildings to be recognized, particularly those that do not necessarily meet LEED standards for sustainability. 


Q. Green leases do not seem to have been well received in Texas for the most part.  Have they in other parts of the country, and do you see them growing in importance?

A. This is growing in importance, particularly where driven by government offices or large corporations that demand it.  There is still much room to grow in this area.


Q. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation passed the Texas legislature earlier this year, which is a program that provides low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency and water conservation upgrades to existing commercial and industrial properties.  How have you seen PACE help in sustainability efforts overall?

A. Probably not as applicable to high end commercial properties as it will be to class B, C and multi family.


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Streaming Live with Matt Dornak

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Matt Dornak serves as a Transaction Specialist for Stream Realty Partners’ Industrial division in Dallas, Texas. Matt is responsible for tenant representation, project leasing, and acquisition / disposition services in the Great Southwest industrial submarket, where Matt and his team have over 15 years of real estate experience. Prior to joining Stream, Matt attended Dartmouth College, where he played football, before moving back to Texas to pursue a career in Commercial Real Estate. Matt’s success is a result of his strong work ethic, attention to detail, unparalleled customer service, and keen understanding of the market.

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Streaming Live with Chase Lopez

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1:01 PM - 27 Aug 13

Chase Lopez joined Stream Realty Partners in 2011 and serves as an Associate within the firm’s Dallas office division.  He specializes in both tenant consultation and project leasing. By providing copious market expertise and generating unsolicited deal activity for his clients, Chase continues to excel within the industry. Chase’s success as a commercial real estate professional is parallel to his keen understanding of the real estate markets, exceptional customer service, and constant professionalism.

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Streaming Live with Kendall Cramer

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1:00 PM - 17 Jul 13

Kendall is an Associate with Stream Realty Partners, where during her four-year tenure she continues to deliver outstanding results for Stream’s institutional and private clients. As a member of the Dallas office leasing team, she is responsible for implementing comprehensive marketing plans for each of her assets, generating tenant leads, and negotiating lease transactions. Kendall is an active member of NTCAR and TREC Young Guns. Kendall was recently awarded a CCIM scholarship and earned a position on the Young Professionals Forum Committee which promotes the involvement of young professionals in the commercial real estate industry.

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Stream Realty Welcomes its 2013 Summer Analysts

By Stream Realty Partners

7:00 AM - 26 Jun 13

Just under one month ago, Stream Realty Partners welcomed its newest round of top young talent to the 2013 Summer Analyst Program in our Austin, Dallas, and Houston offices.  The Summer Analyst Program is designed to give undergraduate and graduate students a hands-on introduction to the commercial real estate industry.

Participation in the program provides students with comprehensive knowledge of commercial brokerage and offers the opportunity to build valuable skills by working alongside some of the top leaders in the industry.  Participants can expect to be immersed in our firm’s unique culture, while experiencing the realities of being a brokerage / transaction specialist.  We have high expectations of our summer analysts and full confidence in their abilities.  The work we offer summer analysts is real, relevant and challenging.    


Take a moment to get to know our 2013 Summer Analysts:

Name: Casey Casper
School: The University of Texas, McCombs School of Business
Q: Who is your favorite historical figure and why?
A: Martin Luther King Jr. is a historical figure that I have always admired. His words and actions are a great example of what courage and persistency can lead to. He taught us all that with work ethic and a peaceful understanding of the people around you, we can all grow together.


Name: Haley Hokett
School: The University of Texas, McCombs School of Business
Q: What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
A: This past year, I was nominated by my team and selected by our coach to be the 2013 - 2014 Captain of the University of Texas Pom Squad.


Name: Tyler Terrell
School: The University of Texas, McCombs School of Business
Q: What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
A: My proudest accomplishment is being accepted into the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas.

Name: Carson Stephens
School: Miami University, Farmer School of Business
Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Hockey, wishing I was in the NHL, fishing, being mediocre at golf.


Name: Marc Feldman
School: Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business
Q: What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
A: Started a business with some friends that has the potential to positively impact the lives of thousands of people.

Name: Scott Lovett
School: Texas A&M University, Mays Business School 
Q: What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
A: My proudest accomplishment is the time I spent in the Corps of Cadets and the multiple activities in which I was able to participate including: Major Unit Commander, Ross Volunteer Company, Nchols’ Rising Leaders Conference Staff and BUILD Committee.


Name: Alisia Kastmo
School: Texas A&M University, Mays Business School
Q: What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
A: American Volleyball Coaches Association Honorable Mention All-America 2012.


Name: Dustin Devine
School: Texas A&M University
Q: What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
A: If I have to choose my proudest accomplishment to date, it would have to be the ordering of my Aggie ring.  This is a huge moment in my life because it reflects the culmination of hard work throughout the years.  Everything that was poured in, from elementary school through college, had come to fruition and it resulted in a bond and family that will last my entire life.  Ordering my ring made me realize how blessed I am to have the opportunities that I did growing up and the chance to attend a university such as Texas A&M that instills the core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and selfless service. 


Name: Andrew Parrish
School: Texas A&M University
Q: Who is your favorite historical figure and why?
A: Meriwether Lewis because he was a legendary outdoorsman who was not afraid to take risks and explore the unknown.


Each Fall, Stream Realty visits a number of top tier schools to conduct on-campus interviews for our Summer Analyst Program.   A calendar of our upcoming on-campus schedule will be announced shortly.  If we are not visiting your campus, we may have posted a job with your career center. If you are unable find the Summer Analyst position listed with your school, please send your resume to

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